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posted by Andrew

Find all points of the graph of y=7x^2+7x whose tangent lines are perpendicular to the line -49y=x

  1. Scott

    y = -1/49 x

    the slope of the perpendicular is
    ... -(-1/49) = 49

    the 1st derivative is the slope of the tangent ... dy/dx = 14x + 7

    14x + 7 = 49

    find x, then find y from the original function

  2. Steve

    -49y=x has slope -1/49
    so, you want lines with slope 49

    since y' = 7(2x+1), that means x=3.
    y(3) = 84

    so, the line is

    y-84 = 49(x-3)


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