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How did the Fall of the Alamo change the outcome of the Texas Revolution in two ways?

How was the belief of Manifest Destiny a cause of the Mexican-American War ? (I already know what Manifest Destiny is but why was it a cause of the war)

What was one main failure and one main success of the Republic of Texas and how did it contribute to Texas' annexation ?

Why is Sam Houston important to Texas' history ?

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    BTW these questions don't have choices but I will include my answers and you can check them, Thanks!

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    Someone will be glad to check your answers.

    Btw -- what is Manifest Destiny?

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    #2 : Manifest Destiny was the belief that Jackson wanted to add Texas to the union and he wanted the U.S. to expand to the Pacific Ocean. Because of that belief the Mexican-American war started.

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    I just don't know what was it about Manifest Destiny that caused the war..

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    I'll be back in a couple of minutes with the rest of the answers :)

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    Manifest Destiny meant that the United States believed that it had a God-given right to take over all the territory between the two oceans. It didn't consider the rights of those who already lived in these territories.

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    #4 Without Houston’s leadership, Texas probably wouldn’t be independent. He saw that the Texans needed to defeat the Mexicans instead of just attacking. He faced pressure but was still calm and could preserve and train his forces for the victory at San Jacinto. Other Texan leaders disobeyed him and suffered because of it. But Houston kept calm though all of it.

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    Bookmark this website for use as you study Texas history:

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    "Ms. Sue" this is NOT a correct answer.
    Of course they needed to defeat them--why would anyone just keep attacking--but not part of anything detailing his contributions to Texas.
    Sam Houston faced pressure and stayed calm--but that is describing a different event. The Battle of San Jacinto was important for other reasons. Other Texan leaders disobeying him (and suffering for it) was never mentioned, certainly does not add to an argument that he was important to Texas history and is wrong.

    Any student using this answer will not get points.

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