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Which accurately describes the achievements of Amerigo Vespucci and his role during the Age of Discovery?

He was an English explorer who was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth and established the first European colonies in Virginia.

He proved the New World was a separate landmass from Africa and Asia, and the Americas are named in his honor.

He was a Portuguese explorer who sailed for Spain, becoming the first European to circumnavigate the world.

He explored much of North America, including the Mississippi River, and developed relationships with native tribes.

Is it C?

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    have you even looked it up yet?

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    Good heavens! You learned that C was wrong yesterday. You even acknowledged the right answer.

    Why the dickens did you post this again -- with the wrong answer??????

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    well, sorry if I'm in your way, Ms. Sue, I was up all night doing school work, and I don't really remember anything that I put on this site.

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    BTW it's worded differently, and I started to look it up when I saw 'Amerigo'. Thanks for reminding me to look it up, Tom. Helped a lot.

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    You are instructed to bookmark your posts so that you can find them again.

    As it is, you insulted Reed and me who took the time to check your answers and explain why Amerigo Vespucci was the right answer.

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    I apologize, I'm stressed out and shouldn't be taking it out on anyone on this site. I have to turn four weeks worth of stuff to turn in with just ten and a half hours. Again, I'm sorry to you and Reed. I don't take anything lightly right now.

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    I'm going to try and keep my hands off the keyboard when I feel like I'm being insulted, and will try not to insult anyone else.

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    SAVAGE TEACHER!!! "Why the dickens did you post this again" is definitely a replacement for a very rude word.

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