posted by KL

So I have a flower dilemma. I need to do a metaphorical analysis for a major grade project for an AP class, and I have no idea what flower I can relate to the poet Reed Whittemore. Thoughts?

  1. Reed

    Not having read the body of Mr. Whittemore's work, I really have no suggestions. Does he use any flowers as metaphors in his poems that you have read? Does the structure of his poems suggest any phenomenon typical of a flower or flowers in general? Does he suggest the scent of a flower or flowers? What association with flowers have you found in what you have been assigned to read?

  2. KL

    He doesn't really mention flowers in his work, I just need to be able to compare him himself to a flower. I've been studying the language of flowers for the past week, and the closest I've been able to come to is a snapdragon with the help of my grandmother (you may know her.)

  3. Ms. Sue

    I can see where a snapdragon could be a metaphor for a person. Go with grandmother's suggestion.

    You've piqued my curiosity. Who is your grandmother?

  4. Reed

    This may help. If Whittemore described himself as a "daytime" poet, what flower blooms in the daytime but perhaps closes at night, or might be associated with daylight, sunshine, day-to-day activities? The sunflower? A yellow rose? A marigold? Use your imagination.


  5. Reed

    Snapdragon might work very well. Again, use your imagination to create your own metaphor.

  6. KL

    Thank you guys! (my grandmother is writeacher btw)

  7. Reed

    And yes, I'm curious, too. Who is your grandmother?

  8. Ms. Sue

    Thanks! As always, your grandmother has great ideas!

  9. Reed

    In that case, your grandmother probably has very good advice. :)

  10. Reed

    Your grandmother is someone both Ms. Sue and I have a lot of respect for.

  11. Writeacher

    Thanks, Ms. Sue and Reed, for helping my granddaughter. We beat on this topic for a while, and then she decided to ask her question here! She started googling images of different flowers Reed mentioned, and I think she'll be fine with this assignment now. I hope I get to read it some day!!


  12. Ms. Sue


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