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So I have a flower dilemma. I need to do a metaphorical analysis for a major grade project for an AP class, and I have no idea what flower I can relate to the poet Reed Whittemore. Thoughts?

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    Not having read the body of Mr. Whittemore's work, I really have no suggestions. Does he use any flowers as metaphors in his poems that you have read? Does the structure of his poems suggest any phenomenon typical of a flower or flowers in general? Does he suggest the scent of a flower or flowers? What association with flowers have you found in what you have been assigned to read?

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    He doesn't really mention flowers in his work, I just need to be able to compare him himself to a flower. I've been studying the language of flowers for the past week, and the closest I've been able to come to is a snapdragon with the help of my grandmother (you may know her.)

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    I can see where a snapdragon could be a metaphor for a person. Go with grandmother's suggestion.

    You've piqued my curiosity. Who is your grandmother?

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    This may help. If Whittemore described himself as a "daytime" poet, what flower blooms in the daytime but perhaps closes at night, or might be associated with daylight, sunshine, day-to-day activities? The sunflower? A yellow rose? A marigold? Use your imagination.


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    Snapdragon might work very well. Again, use your imagination to create your own metaphor.

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    Thank you guys! (my grandmother is writeacher btw)

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    And yes, I'm curious, too. Who is your grandmother?

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    Thanks! As always, your grandmother has great ideas!

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    In that case, your grandmother probably has very good advice. :)

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    Your grandmother is someone both Ms. Sue and I have a lot of respect for.

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    Thanks, Ms. Sue and Reed, for helping my granddaughter. We beat on this topic for a while, and then she decided to ask her question here! She started googling images of different flowers Reed mentioned, and I think she'll be fine with this assignment now. I hope I get to read it some day!!


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