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What characteristic unique to Shakespearean sonnets is found in "Sonnet29","Sonnet 116", and "Sonnet 130"?

A:Three quatrains and a rhyming couplet***

B:A steady rhyme scheme

C:14 lines

Is this correct?

  1. Writeacher


  2. marylyn

    Thank you, so very much!!

  3. Writeacher

    You're welcome.

    You don't even really have to read it to know. Just look at the pattern of lines!


    3 sets of 4 lines each (= 12 lines = 3 quatrains)
    2 lines (couplet) set off at the end

    Each of the quatrains has its own rhyme scheme.
    The couplet at the end rhymes separately, too.


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