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In the blank space after the sentence, identify the underlined clause as a noun clause(N)or an adjectival clause(A)

1:Although the sun shine brightly, the weather forecasters maintained (that the weekend would be rainy.....Noun Clause

2:The astronauts landed on the moon, (where they collected many important specimens.).....Adjectival

3:2001:A Space Odyssey is a compelling movie (everyone should watch.).....Adjectival

4:The planet (that is farthest from the sun)is Neptune.....Adjectival

Are these correct?

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    1. yes

    2. yes

    3. yes

    4. yes

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    Yes, they're correct.

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    Thank you, both so very much!!

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    You're welcome!

    I'm always happy when I see that someone recognizes the difference between a noun clause that starts with "that" and a relative clause that starts with "that"!!


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    You're very welcome.

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