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What does the following fragments of the "The Birth of Tragedy" from Nietzsche illustrate his thinking?

1) The intimation of the poet is incapable of composing until he has become unconscious and bereft of reason.

Optimistic dialectic drives music out of tragedy with the scourge of its syllogisms: that is, it destroys the essence of tragedy, which can be interpreted only as a manifestation and illustration of Dionysian states, as the visible symbolizing of music, as the dream-world of Dionysian ecstasy.

2) Let us imagine a rising generation with this bold vision, this heroic desire for the magnificent, let us imagine the valiant step of these dragon-slayers, the proud daring with which they turn their backs on all the effeminate doctrines of optimism that they may "live resolutely," wholly, and fully: would it not be necessary for the tragic man of this culture, with his self-discipline of seriousness and terror, to desire a new art, the art of metaphysical comfort-namely, tragedy

Can someone help me? I understand what does the terms of Dionysian and Apollonian, but I still do not understand the fragments

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