posted by Bri

The most effective way of controlling the quality of a product is by _______________________________.

controlling the processes that make the product

disciplining workers for less-than-excellent output

examining the end product and correcting any flaws


  1. Ms. Sue

    I agree.

    But more importantly, is that what your text says?

  2. Writeacher

    I don't understand how these most recent questions are for English. They seem more like a business or entrepreneur course. Or is all this covered in a non-fiction chapter in an English text?

  3. Bri

    Thank you and yes that's what my text says

  4. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome. What about Writeacher's question?

  5. Bri

    It was actually for character education and not English

  6. Ms. Sue

    Thanks for clarifying this. :-)

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