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1.) Why did so many Southern cotton planters move to Texas in the mid-1800s?

Slavery had been banned in other Southern states

Demand for cotton in Europe was at an all time low

Enslaved orders could still be imported from Africa

They had exhausted the soil in their former states****

2.) Suppose a Family from Georgia decided to move to Texas in the 1850s. What characteristic would have drawn them to the state?

Texas' culture was similar to the one they knew in Georgia

Texas offered better educational opportunities for children

Most people in Texas experienced economic and social equality

The economy of Texas was booming****

3.) What was one shared social characteristic between the Old South and Texas?

Presence of many Tejanos

Frontier settlement by American indians

Growth of large cities with diverse populations****

Practice of enslaving African Americans

  1. Ms. Sue

    I agree with 1 and 2, but disagree with 3.

  2. swimmer girl

    Thank you, Could you explain which one would be a better answer? I have goon back through my lesson and can't find anything.

  3. Ms. Sue

    I don't think either state had many large cities -- certainly not with diverse populations. But didn't both of them have slavery?

  4. chaospuppy27

    I just did the test and number two is wrong. The right answers are:
    1. D.

    2. A.

    3. D.

    No I am not joking and I am not a troll or anything. Hope this helps.

  5. HI123456789

    you are right I got a 100 thanks chaospuppy27

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks chaospuppy 27

  7. Anonymous


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