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Which of the following is a biased statement about Texas History?

Texas was a republic for 10 years

Annexing Texas would anger Mexico

Expansionism was a noble improvement for American History****

The Texas Republic faced a great deal of conflict with the American indians

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    I agree.

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    Thank you :)

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    You are welcome.

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    I also need to explain why this is bias statement. I think that this is a bias statement because it's an opinion, and it is saying that the expansion was only an improvement to the U.S. and not Texas.

    Is there anything that I need to change? Or is this good?

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    The opinion is obvious in the words "notable improvement." Many, like the Spanish and American Indians and Mexicans did not agree with expansion. It was not an improvement for them.

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    Can you please check what I wrote above?

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    oh sorry I didn't see your response :) Thank you so much!!

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    You're very welcome.

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    wow...the teacher gave us this answer!

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    Mr. Sue, I am wondering why "notable improvement" is something you are answering for Texas History as bias statement. The student did not even ask you about that phrase. Why not direct them to talk to their teacher? Use their provided study guides? Why not do something productive for the students instead of teaching them that it is alright to cheat? You don't actually know subject content. You just google things so you aren't a teacher...no teacher would do what you are doing anyway! There is something very wrong with you.

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    The Mr. was intentional, because I am convinced you are a gross, greasy guy sitting in his mom's basement that just wants to talk to kids.

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