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What would have happened if the british had granted the colonies independence sooner?

  1. Reed

    It's impossible to say. What might you suppose. Each colony was independent of the others, owing no allegiance to each other, only to Great Britain. Might they have become independent nations (Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, etc.) instead of the United States? The 13 colonies only "united" to fight for independence, not to form a nation at first. What do YOU think?

  2. Disappointment

    This whole thing is really confusing and I'm really depressed so its very hard to concentrate so I guess maybe some lives would have been spared and I'm not even sure. I just have a project and I'm trying to find out what would have happened and I dont know how to word this type of stuff.

  3. Disappointment

    @Reed ^

  4. Reed

    Sorry for the delay. I think you are right that a lot of people would not have died in the Revolutionary War if Great Britain had just granted independence to the colonies. That much is very certain. Fighting a war is also very expensive, so all that the colonies and Great Britain spent fighting would have been available to spend elsewhere or not at all.

  5. Depressed

    You're not a disappointment

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