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In what type of economic system do individuals own most of the businesses?
A democracy
B communism
C capitalism
D socialism

c is my answer

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    Which country does NOT belong to the NAFTA trade alliance?
    A united states
    B russia
    C canada
    D mexico

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    Countries with little industry are called
    A industrialized nations.
    B prehistoric nations
    C developed nations
    D developing nations

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    Capitalism is called a free-market economy because
    A the central government owns most businesses
    B it depends on lack of trade
    C producers compete freely for consumers business
    D it does not rely on competition

    please check my ansers
    1 c
    2 b
    3 d
    4 c

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    I agree with all your answers.

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    ok thanks

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    yay! i got a 100%!

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    =) !!

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    Thanks 100% :)

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    The correct answers are:

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    Dent is incorrect.

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    100 percent thanks

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