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I'm doing an essay on whether brick and mortar school or online school is better for high school students, but I seriously can't decide. I have gone to both, and I think public school is much better. I feel biased though because online school is great, IF you have a faster pace or slower pace than others in public school and if you have motivation/not lazy (unlike me). My brain is scattering all over the place.

  1. hotdognibba70

    i think i might go with online school is better than brick and mortar school just because it would be easier to write an essay on

  2. hotdognibba70

    wait i might go with what I originally stand for, there's just so many disadvantages to online school

  3. Ms. Sue

    I agree. From what we see on Jiskha, many on line classes use poor materials and have irrelevant tests. Also -- most students need the immediate feed back of teachers and other students. Of course the cheating is a disgrace!

  4. hotdognibba70

    right! i agree with you

  5. hotdognibba70

    you'd still be able to cheat in real school, however you'd have to come up with a very creative strategy to not get caught

  6. hotdognibba70

    I already have 2/3 reasons down, better learning strategies and more social opportunities. Hmmm...

  7. Da Fash

    If you are standing for brick and mortar school, a third reason you may say is that instructors can gauge or measure students progress better.

  8. hotdognibba70

    That's exactly what I was thinking, didn't know how to word it though.thank you!

  9. Da Fash

    No Problem! :)

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