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1. Decibel is a measurement of the amount of pollution (True or False)
2. Non-Point-Source pollution can be traced to one specific source (True or False)
3. Point-Source pollution is pollution that comes from identifiable locations. (True or False)
4. Burning fossil fuels releases too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. (True or False)
5. Acid rain is a form of pollution (True or False)
6. The use of many household chemicals, and even the use of outdoor barbecues, can cause toxic air pollution (True or False)
7. Carbon Monoxide poisoning in homes is an unlikely health problem (True or False)
8. It is estimated that people spend 10-20% of their lives inside. (True or False)
9. Molds and spores of fungus found in damp places, like basements or inside walls, can become toxic. (True or False)
10. It's been determined that as few as 15 decibels can cause ear damage (True or False)

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    Why didn't you post your answers?

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    because i dont know the answers, which is why I asked the question

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    This is terrible -- not knowing any of these 10 answers.

    Please go back and read your text. Since you obviously want someone to give you the answers, you are cheating and banned from posting here.

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    Nobody's cheating I just need some help.

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    lol ms sue grow tf up

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    So TF this site for if u ain't getting no answers ur the one trying get them of him

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    Stop cheating! Your Connections Academy teacher would be glad to help you! Read the lesson. All the answers are there!

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    1. F
    Same questions as these so 100% if you have all the same questions.

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    Ag is 100% CORRECTTTTTT!!!!!!!

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    Ag is correct bruh

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    Guys you do know this is a website for helping out people, if he/she does not know the answer's then help and ms sue i have warned you on multiple occasions to no be posting hateful comments.

    have fun guy's be safe and hope you enjoy the website.

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    100% correct thank you AG

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