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1. Which of the following government actions have the greatest impact on promoting racial equality and housing?
A. The passage of the title IX amendment to the civil rights act of 1964
B. The passage of the civil rights act of 1968
C. The Supreme Court ruling in Plessy versus Ferguson
D. The ratification of the 15th amendment
2. Affirmative action is a policy designed to do which of the following ? (I need to select two answers)
A. Distribute reparations to victims of discrimination
B. Increase diversity in education and employment
C. Counteract the effects of past discrimination
D. Punish those who discriminate
3. Which of the following statements best explains why affirmative action is so controversial?
A. Affirmative action is designed to limit economic and social mobility of minorities
B. Affirmative action may result in discrimination now to make up for past discrimination
C. Affirmative action requires race and gender to be the sole deciding factors
D. Affirmative action increases taxes for the majority population
4. Even after the passage of the 14th amendment guarantee equal protection, Sojourner Truth's words remains relevant because of which of the following ?
A. The women's movements were found to be ineffective economic tools
B. The Supreme Court refused to hear equal protection cases that pertain to women
C. All women were welcome and treated equally in the political system
D. African-American women continued to suffer discrimination based on gender and race
5. Which of the following is evidence of assimilation policies endured by Native Americans?
A. European diseases brought by colonists killed a large percentage of native Americans
B. Infant mortality rates of Native American children are higher on reservations
C. The National Museum of the American Indian join the Smithsonian system
D. Federal boarding schools were created to Americanize Native American children
6. Which of the following statements summarizes the history of discrimination against Asian Americans ?
A. Asian Americans have been victims of discriminatory legislation and executive action
B. Asian Americans have assimilated into American society easily because of the education system
C. Asian American immigrants are culturally diverse and unable to assimilate into American society
D. Asian Americans are often denied tourist visas because of the economic concerns of the United States
7. (Essay question) The equal protection clause of the 14th amendment prohibits states from denying any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. How does the language of the equal protection clause show intention to safeguard all groups civil liberties?

  1. Ms. Sue

    Where are your answers?

    If you haven't posted your answers within the next couple of hours, this will be deleted and you'll be banned for cheating.

  2. v

    7 this language used aids in the showing the intention to safeguard al groups

  3. Ms. Sue

    Your answers are right, although 7 could be expanded.

  4. Shea

    Me sue sucks ballzzzzz

  5. B*tch

    4. A
    6. D
    your answers were wrong on these the rest are right and Ms. Sue is a completely retarded B*tch who only cares about herself not for others.

  6. anonymous

    6 is A!!!4 is D!!!


    anonymous and B*tch, you answers are wrong, and the things you are saying will get you reported to the main admin team. For the rest of you thank you for coming to jiskha, we appreciate your respect and choice to be here.

  8. mykos

    just took this:
    1)passage of civil rights act
    2)increase diversity&counteract the effects
    3)may result in discrimination
    4)sense of inferiority
    5)housing patterns&economic ops
    6)changes in the role of public edu

  9. Shrillard

    Mykos is right. Just took it as well

  10. Cynful

    Mykos is right

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    mykos was right, I just took the test and got 100 %

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  14. ghnk

    mykos 100%

  15. F off Ms. Sue ya Big As*

    1.) B
    2.)B and C

  16. ms.sue was right

    she was right !!!!!!!!!

  17. Correct Answers 2018

    Myk Is Correct.

  18. Alphabet

    1. B
    2. B,C
    3. B
    4. D
    5. D
    6. A

    Just took it 100% These are the right answers!

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