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Passive voice to active voice .Can someone check to see if these are done right?

1. Although a part of the original formula invented by Dr. John S. Pemberton, coca leaves have not been used by the company to make coca-cola since around 1905.
Dr.John S. Pemberton invented a part of the origional formula.Since 1905 coca leaves have not been used by the company to make Coca-Cola.

2. The name, Coca-Cola, was coined and trademarked by Frank M. Robinson, one of Dr. John S.Pemberton’s business partners.
Frank M.Robinson,one of Dr.John S.Pembertons business partners was coined and trademarked the name Coca-Cola.

  1. Reed

    "Since 1905, coca leaves..." is still in passive voice. And, you elided the word "although". This does not need to be two sentences.

    "was coined"?? Frank M. Robinson was coined? He was made of copper or silver? He coined the name, he was not coined or invented.

  2. Reed

    You also need a comma after "...business partners, coined..."

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