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What type of language register is used between King Anguish and his wife in lines 1-8 of the excerpt?

1-8: Finding her rage thus put to naught, she ran to King Anguish, and threw herself on her knees before him, crying out.

'Oh, my lord and husband, here have ye in your house that traitor knight that slew my brother. My brother was Sir Marhaus. Sir Marhaus, your champion and noble knight. It is Sir Tramor, as he falsely calleth himself, but the piece of steel that was taken from my brother's brain fits a notch in his sword.'

'Alas,' cried King Anguish, 'then am I right heavy, for he is as full noble a knight as ever I knew; and I charge ye, have not to do with him, but let me deal in this matter.'


I want to say intimate or casual but honestly its hard to say because of how they speak

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    casual or formal* not intimate

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    I would say quite formal.

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