Art History

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Connexus 8th Grade
A. Babylon
B. The Lotus Bloom
C. Pottery
D. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
E. Relief Sculpture
F. The Phoenicians
G. The Ishtar Gate
H. The Persians
I. Persopolis
J. The Assyrians

Fill in the blank with the term or letter of the term that best matches the clue.
1. Sea-faring people reknowned for their glassware
2. Around 900 BCE, these people rose to power in Mesopotamia
3. The Assyrians are most famous for their use of this in decorating buildings
4. Symbol of life in Persian pottery
5. Persian capital famous for its elaborate palaces, monuments and temples
6. These are considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world
7. Ancient city that reached its peak under King Nebuchadnezzar
8. Most famous surviving architectural feature within the ancient city of Babylon
9. Conquered Babylon in 539 BCE; famous for their elaborate palaces
10. The most distinctive contribution the Persians have to art

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