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In “Orphans Give Indian Couple Will to Live,” the Paramesvarans named their large home Namikai, which means Hands of Hope, because
A. they had to dig the graves for their children with their bare hands.
B. together with their new large family, they can rebuild their village.
C. their new family gave them hope when they were considering suicide.
D. they hope to have many more children move into their home with them.


    I think C because Will to Live sounds like not wanting to kill yourself kind of thing.

  2. Ms. Sue

    Please stop posting, GYMNAST. You obviously have not read this, and are just guessing at an answer. That is not helpful to other students.

  3. Reed

    Lilly, I think you should read the article to find the answer. No one here is going to read it for you and tell you what it says.


    I'm sorry Ms. Sue I thought I was helping.


    Also when you say stuff like that it makes you sound like a cyber bully.

  6. Writeacher

    Gymnast, get over yourself. If you don't like it here on Jiskha, you can always find other websites to post on.

  7. Rae

    I find it necessary that Ms. Sue posts every time someone banned from this website.

  8. Abbbbbyyy

    I agree with Gymnast u are kinda being a cyber bully Ms.Sue and that not right not to be mean just my opinion (and don't say keep your opinions to yourself)

  9. Writeacher

    Ms. Sue is hardly a cyber bully! Oh, my! Such little snowflakes!!

    The point is that Ms. Sue is doing what she needs to in order to keep this website running as its owner intends. Any of you who don’t like it, go find another website to post on.

    There’s brainly.com, answers.yahoo.com, tutorvista.com, enotes.com, and others. Go find ‘em!

  10. Ms. Sue

    Please tell me. Just what did I post that made you think I was bullying you??

  11. Mougarb

    Ummmm, earlier today, GYMNAST, your the one who went around to everyone's questions when Ms. Sue wasn't here, and when students needed to check a answer, you told them to leave, and Cheka their textbook, now your calling @Ms. Sue a cyber bully because she called you out, that's manipulation at its finest. You have harassed a lot of people today in my opinion, so, maybe you should get blocked, this is Ms. She's website, you don't like it, LEAVE

  12. Ms. Sue

    Thank you, Mougarb! :-)

  13. Mougarb

    Your welcome @Ms. Sue, I just want to let you know, that you've helped me a lot this year.... Thank you :)

  14. Ms. Sue

    You are very welcome.

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