posted by malia

Which accurately describes a cultural similarity between Eastern and Western societies?

eastern and western cultures instituted representative republics in the 17th century

both Confucianism and Christian scriptures tell tales of Abraham and Moses

both cultures independently invented guns and gunpowder in the ninth century

eastern and western cultures have a long history in theatre art including opera

is it a

  1. bobpursley

    It might be correct if you could name at least one Eastern civilization that had a representative republic in the 17th century. I wager you will have a time finding just one.


  2. Ms. Sue

    What is an Asian representative republic in the 17th century?

  3. malia

    so its not a? d?

  4. Ms. Sue

    Yes, d.

  5. malia

    thank you

  6. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome.

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