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plz does anyone know the answers to Lesson 19: Exploring Ideas Unit Test CE 2015
Language Arts 7 A Unit 2: Exploring Ideas
for connexs students plz helps me fast

  • la - another Connexus cheat is banned -

    Asking for answers has earned you banishment from posting here.

  • la -

    I'm sorry what what I said I will give you the answers in a little bit.

  • la -

    Ms. Sue, what gives you the authority to do that?

  • la -

    Ms.sue dident mean to she dident understand

  • la -

    I think Mr. Sue got into Ms. Sue's account and posted that.

  • la -

    But he said sorry so its okay.

  • la -

    I think.

  • sad you guys cheated -

    sad you guys cheated

  • la -

    Prove it!

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