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1: What was the initial purpose of the Constitutional Convention?
A: to write the Constitution
B: to amend the Constitution
C: to amend the Articles of Confederation ***
D: to ratify the Constitution

2: What fundamental problem did Noah Webster see in the Articles of Confederation?
A: that states would always work in their own self-interest even if it meant harm to the nation as a whole ***
B: that the central government would always favor large states over the smaller states when disputes broke out
C: that small states would have just as much say in the government as larger states
D: that the states would have no way to stop the central government from imposing harsh taxes on them

3: What did the Northwest Ordinance outlaw in the Northwest Territory?
A: religious freedom
B: slavery ***
C: trial by jury
D: admission of new states

4: According to the excerpt, who had more power under the Articles of Confederation?
A: It gave the majority of the power to the national government, and limited the power of individual states.
B: It gave the majority of the power to the individual states, and limited the power of the national government. ***
C: It gave the majority of the power to the British monarchy, and limited the power of the national government.
D: It gave the majority of the power to the Congress, and limited the power of individual states.

5: What are some weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation that caused the need for a new and stronger federal government that the framers outlined in the Constitution? Select all that apply.
A: how to resolve disputes between states over land ***
B: differences in opinions on how to establish a federal educational system
C: confusion over different state currency ***
D: how to set up reserved land for Native Americans

6: Which of the following was one important contribution made by Benjamin Franklin during the Constitutional Convention?
A: He called for an end to the Articles of Confederation.
B: He is known as the primary author of the U.S. Constitution.
C: He made a plea to delegates to accept the U.S. Constitution. ***
D: He was the mastermind behind the Great Compromise.

7: What effect did the Three-Fifths Compromise have on Southern states?
A: It helped increase the number of slaves traded.
B: It gave the South the power to outvote the North.
C: It limited the number of states that allowed slavery.
D: It gave those states more representation in Congress. ***

8: What was a similarity between the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta?
A: Both outlined a structure that gave the government the right to tax its citizens.
B: Both established a detailed justice system.
C:Both provided guidelines for ensuring basic citizen rights. ***
D: Both were based on the premise that the states should have more power.

9: What presidential power under the Constitution led the Antifederalists to urge for a Bill of Rights?
A: veto power over acts of Congress
B: military power, as commander-in-chief
C: the power to carry out the laws passed by Congress ***
D: the power to declare states of emergency without consulting Congress

10: Who was responsible for writing the amendments that later became the Bill of Rights?
A: George Washington
B: Patrick Henry
C: George Mason
D: James Madison ***

11: What was the importance of the inclusion of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution?
A: It limited the power and controls of the government.
B: It guaranteed the protection of basic rights. ***
C: It improved U.S. relations with the British monarchy.
D: It proposed a system of checks and balances.

12: Explain how the civic virtues of the ancient Romans inspired the Founding Fathers’ vision of how citizens should conduct themselves in the United States.
----I need help on this one, like I just need some ideas on what to put :)----

  1. Reed

    Your answers are all good. Double-check #9, though. I think there is a better answer.

    For your essay question, google the responsibilities of citizens in the Roman republic. Also, note that the Roman republic was a REPUBLIC, and so is the USA. Any ideas there?

  2. Anonymous

    Ok! Thank you for the help! :D

  3. petunia

    everything is correct, other than what Reed said. number 9 is A, not C. great job!

  4. Confused

    12. Your on your own

  5. BTS_TaehyungBiasXoxo

    omg thank you so so much confused I got a 100% thanks to you :D LOVE YOU!!! XOXO

  6. Ken Kaneki

    confused is right

  7. anonymous

    12) the citizens of rome put the good of the republic ahead of their own desires and the founding fathers hoped the american people would do the same

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