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" An ATTEMPT to healthy living can cause misery. How true is this"

Are these arguments good/fair enough ??

against :

a) attempting to live a healthy lifestyle means involvement in sports and outdoor activities, yoga classes, gym bla bla bla. these help one remain fit and also develops mental toughness. thus, trying to lead a healthy life is not causing sadness, but meliorating a person s overall health. bla bla bla.. this is my 1st argument

c) then eating healthy and staying away from junks is another way of trying to live a healthy life. When this happens, people fall less ill . their physical and mental health gets stronger. some amount of money is saved because of less visits to the doctor and less expenditure on medicine. overall , health is improved. they also become mentally sound because no tension about financial crisis and stuff .. this is certainly not a misery "

d) FOR :
something along the lines of : Some people will find it difficult to afford all the things needed to live a healthy life. this includes monthly gym membership fee, organic vegetables ( more expensive ) .. some people who are already poor will face further financial crisis and this can be a cause of misery

  1. Writeacher

    When you get this all figured out and can post something with correct capitalization, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, etc., and without all the bla bla stuff, post again. Then someone may read it with seriousness.

  2. Reed

    I think you're on the right track with your ideas. Note, however, that expensive gym memberships are not necessary, nor are yoga classes, to get adequate exercise. Walking and jogging, etc., involve no expense at all (unless it's special shoes for runners). And while organic foods are freer of herbicides and pesticides, there is no nutritional difference between expensive organic food and non-organic. You may need to do some "googling" to refine your arguments. Again, I do think you're on the right track.

    Your usage of words is clumsy. For example, we don't usually say "junks", we say "junk food". Be careful.

  3. Reed

    Heed Writeacher's advice about punctuation, capitalization, spelling, etc. Those are vital.

  4. Bryce

    Thank you Reed sir. And thanks to writeacher as well for your advice

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