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Can someone please proofread this paragraph for me.
There are at least there traits of a self confident person such as. Determined independent and sociable. First of all a self confident person always believes himself and his abilities he often try and try in krder to achove his goals and begins a new page fillef with success and acheviments. In the second place a selfestemed person is usually independent and self employed he often uses pateine will thinking and wiseness go being independent he also cares well for his responsibleties to aviod falling in huge problems that's why this type of people most of the time live a happy optimistic life. Last but not least being sociable sharing and connected with people is an important trait of a self confident person it means being corageous which is a good trait that leads a person to talk and suggest his ideas points of view but often in a serious and self assured way

  1. Writeacher

    Wow -- !!

    Print it out (2 copies).

    Give one copy to a friend or parent.

    Read yours aloud, or ask your friend or parent to read it aloud to you.

    Make corrections.

    Then revise and check for spelling, punctuation, etc.

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