Art Please Help I need this answered by 8:10 Pm 2n

posted by Destiny

I need help. I got the answers of 1-3. but I don't know what 4-5 are.

4. The Willows of Marissel by Jean-Baptiste- Camille Corot.

Which elements helps to give the illusion of great height and reaching upwards?

A. the color of the painting
B. the lines made by the trees
C. the shapes of the individuals
D. the negative space around the individuals***

5. Tsuba with Two Figures with a Chinese Lion-Dog by: Okamoto Naoshige

To better define the shape of the objects of the image, what element was emphasized the most?

A. the perspective shown in the individual objects
B. the lines pointing to the objects
C. the color of the objects
D. the negative space around each object.

  1. Reed

    I think you're mistaken on #4. What looks high/tall? The answer to #5 looks obvious to me. What surrounds the two figures?

  2. Adryanna

    I think B & D

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