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Each of the following word groups includes a subordinating word. One word group in each pair contains a fragment. Write “OK” after each complete sentence and “frag” after each fragment

When John Lennon was a teenager, his mother, Julia, began to pay attention to him. Ok

b. When Julia, John Lennon’s mother, bought him a guitar and let him stay with her instead of his Aunt Mimi. Frag

2a. Although he studied art in college, he soon became more interested in music. Ok

b. Although Julia encouraged his music and put up with the boyish pranks that annoyed Aunt Mimi. Frag

3a. His mother died before he was full grown. While John was still in college, in fact. Frag

b. Mimi’s husband, his uncle, had died while John still lived with them. Ok

4a. John asked Paul McCartney to join his group, and later Paul brought in George Harrison, and all three asked Ringo Starr to join them. Before they cut their first record. Frag

b. In their early days, the Beatles copied people like Elvis Presley and Little Richard. Before these English boys even visited America, they sang with American accents. Ok

5a. The Beatles gave one reason for quitting their tours in 1966. That the tours were wrecking their playing. Frag

b. Stopping the tours gave the Beatles an opportunity to expand their talents. That they learned to read musical notes and write their own music was key to their improvement as musicians. Ok

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