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Which of the following were goals of the civic rights movement? Select two items.

a. establishing full voting rights for women
b. establishing full voting rights for African Americans
c. banning sexist business practices
d. banning racist business practices
e. increasing land ownership rights for women
f. increasing land ownership rights for African Americans

I think a. and c.? If not, please explain to me why not, so I can try to figure out the answer. Thanks!

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    Read this carefully and then re-think. Make sure you are reading each of your choices carefully, too.

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    Is b. one of them? And the other is probably f.?

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    You'll need to check your text to be sure, but couldn't "d" be one of them, too?

    Check your text to be absolutely sure.

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    Oh yeah so b. and d. right? Those make the most sense to me.

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    Yes, b and d.

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    Awesome thanks.

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