Art 7th Grade

posted by Isabelle

Which type of line was not used to create this image A. Curved B. Diagonal C. Horizontal D. Zig Zag.

  1. Angle

    What image??

  2. Isabelle

    Corinthian Round Bodied Pyxis.

  3. Angle

    I think diagonal but i am not sure

  4. Writeacher

    Which one?

  5. Writeacher

    Right -- all the lines in any of those vases are horizontal, curved, or zigzag. None are diagonal.

  6. smol bean

    ummm we cant answer the question if it requires an image and there is no image ._. go do your own homework.

  7. Sasha F.


  8. Dragon Master

    smol bean, way to be rude. I'd slap ya' if I had a hand

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