posted by gloria

Nancy is 4 years younger than Monica. Seven years from now the sum of their ages will be 82. How old are they know?

  1. Reiny

    Monica's age ---- x
    Nancy's age ---- x-4

    seven years from now:
    Monica ---- x+7
    Nancy ----- x-4 + 7 = x + 3

    x-4 + x+3 = 82


  2. Scott

    N = M + 4

    N + 7 + M + 7 = 82 ... N + M = 68

    substituting ... M + 4 + M = 68

    solve for M , substitute back to find N

  3. Reiny

    equation should have been

    x+7 + x+3 = 82


  4. Scott

    correction for me too (must be contagious)

    swap the N and M values
    ... Nancy is the younger one

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