posted by edith

I wrote an interview using reporter speech. I would like somebody check it.

Reporter speech
• Interviewer: She asked her how she exciting was that for her.
• Shakira: she said that she had recorded six songs in Spanish and she had recorded five new songs and the most exciting thing about the release was the video album and also there was a music video for each song on the album which had never been done before.

  1. Ms. Sue

    In a transcript of a reporter's interview, we'd use the first person.

    Reporter: How exciting was that for you?
    Shakira: I recorded six songs in Spanish. . . .

    Be sure to use appropriate punctuation.

  2. edith

    But the original setences was: • Interviewer: She talked with Shakira about her new Cd and asked about it: How exciting is that for you?

    Indirect speech
    I supposed is:

    She asked her how she exciting was that for her.

  3. Writeacher


    Indirect speech
    She asked her how exciting that was for her.

    Go here to study direct and indirect/reported speech (including direct and reported questions):

  4. edith

    thanks tutors!

  5. Writeacher

    You're welcome!

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