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A rope kept on a horizontal plane moves with a constant acceleration. If a constant force "f" acts on the rope,the tension of the middle of the rope is T.
Which of the following are true?

a)If the rope has a weight,T/f=1/2

b)If the rope is light,T/f=1

c)If the rope is uniform and has a weight, T/f=1/2

How do we compare the tension of the middle of the rope and the tension of the rope?

Are they equal all the time or they do only when the rope is light and uniform?

How do we connect f and T?

  1. bobpursley

    all true, if we all agree what "light" means. The force pulling is pulling many "mini-sections" of some small weight. So tension within the rope decreases as the weight behind decreases.

  2. Shenaya

    Can you explain from where the fraction (1/2) comes from?

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