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11) T/F. Friedrich Froebel originated the first kindergarten in Germany.
12) T/F. Group-administered standardized tests are recommended once children are in 1st grade.
13) T/F. How a child feels about himself/herself is reflected in his/her behavior.
14) T/F. In America, Margaret McMillan started the first nursery school.
15) T/F. Letter grades and scores should not be used until after 3rd grade.
16) T/F. One of the greatest benefits of free play or self-directed, self-discovery play, is that it allows children the opportunity of making choices for themselves, and of having some control over their learning and activity.
17)One of the most long-term, significant happenings of the 1970's was the
A- Education for All Handicapped Children Act.
B-establishment of the Children's Defense Fund.
C-release of the report, A Nation at Risk.
D-establishment of Head Start.
18)T/F. Parents should not be used on policy planning boards or committees.
19) T/F. Pestalozzi emphasized the importance of individual differences.
20) T/F. Play is most valuable when teachers plan, define, shape and carry out children's play activities.

I just need help better understanding these questions

  1. Ms. Sue

    Try to answer these questions and I'll be glad to check them.

    Are you sure you want to be a teacher?

  2. Anonymous

    This is not me wanting to be a teacher. I'm just trying to understand these questions.

  3. Writeacher

    Since we would have to Google just about every one of these, you should be able to do your own searching.

    Let us know what YOU THINK, and someone might check your answers for you.

  4. Anonymous

    11) T
    12) T
    13) T
    14) T
    15) F
    16) F
    17) A
    18) F
    19) F
    20) T

  5. DrBob222

    What is it about these questions that you don't understand?

  6. Ms. Sue

    Three of the first five of your answers are wrong.

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