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On an unwanted weather situation, rescue operators fly a helicopter that is aimed to travel 100 knots due southwest. However, two winds coming from different directions move it sideways. One wind is making it move sideways 20 knots northward while the other makes it move 10 knots, 600 south of west. In what speed and direction will the helicopter fly?

  • Physics -

    Vr = 100[225o] + 20[90o] + 10[240o].
    Vr = -70.71-70.71i + 20i -5-8.66i,
    Vr = -75.71 - 79.37i = 110knots[46.35o] S. of W.

  • Physics -

    Vr = -75.71 - 59.37i = 96knots[38.1o] S. of W.

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