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posted by Siddhartha

When electricity is passed through water hydrogen and Oxygen gas are found change. A change in the state of matter occurs. Is this a chemical or physical change.

  1. Mike

    This is a physical change. All changes of state are physical changes.

  2. DrBob222

    You are right that changes of state are physical changes; however, this is the decomposition of H2O into two different substances and that is a chemical change.
    Water changed from a liquid to a vapor is a change of state and a physical change but the water liquid is H2O and the water vapor is H2O. In the problem, the electrolysis of water changes the H2O to H2 and O2 and the fact that you have changed a liquid to two gases is irrelevant.

  3. venkatesh

    Yes it's right after electrolysis hydrogen and oxygen become separate and everybody will call it as a physicalchange but it's wrong when it's vaporised hydrogen becomes H2 oxygen becomes O2 it can't be formed as water again so it's a chemical change

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