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I need help on this letter. You do not have to give me full answers but if you do give me a full answer, I will use it but edit it into my own words.

Now it is time to apply and share what you have learned so far about energy sources. After completing the U.S. Overview activity below, you will write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper that explains where the energy in your state comes from and offers an opinion about the future direction your state should take for energy consumption. Make sure your opinion is supported by your research and balances the considerations of environmental impact, cost, and availability of resources.
Be sure to include the following information in your letter:

Address the letter to the editor of a local newspaper.
Identify the three energy sources most used in your state.
Discuss the influence of cost and availability on your state’s statistics.
Describe how each energy source impacts the local environment.
Explain your opinion of how your state could improve the use of energy.
Support your opinion with at least five facts from your research.
End the letter with a closing and your signature.

Please help me. I am an online school student and I have 3 more lessons till I finish science and I need to finish all of these before school ends. Please give me a few tips or what you've used if you have done this assignment, not all of it but if you do send the whole answer, like I said before, I will edit it and put it in my own words. Please and thank you!

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    What have you learned about energy sources?

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    Ms. Sue, I learned that energy kinda gives whatever power if they have it? I'm not that good at science... >.<

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    Read some of these sites for more information.

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    Ms. Sue, Thank you. ^-^

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    You are welcome.

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