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Now banned for posting an entire test and asking for all the answers.


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  1. @grape fruit 420 & other cheaters

    Your request for answers to a test has been deleted. If you post that again, you will be banned from posting here. Also -- anyone else who asks for or gives test/quiz answers is likely to be also banned.
  2. @Jake

    You are now banned because of your blatant cheating. Other students should take note! When we find students posting all the answers for any assignment, quiz, test, or whatever, those students will be banned from posting on this website.
  3. @john in Honduras -- banned

    You're banned from posting here because you asked for answers to a test -- and didn't even post the questions.
  4. @ Please Help -- Banned

    You are banned from posting here for posting a test and asking for answers for all of the questions.
  5. @Lincoln B - banned!

    - for posting all of the answers with this introduction: "Since nobody had half a brain to put all the answers here is the entire test! " Cheating is not allowed here.
  6. Las Vegas Cheat BANNED!

    Posting all of the answers for a chemistry test has gotten this person banned from posting on Jiskha.
  7. @LA - Help -- banned!

    Asking for answers is prohibited on Jiskha. You are now banned from posting here.
  8. Cheater Rice Gum Banned

    Asking for test answers is forbidden here. You're banned from posting.
  9. @ Anionymous - banned

    Posting all of the answers (in letter form) to a test is cheating and have earned you banishment from posting on Jiskha.
  10. @ The answers - Banned!

    Posting just letters, no answers or questions, is clearly cheating. Cheaters are banned from posting on Jiskha.

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