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1. Read the following passage from "Like the Sun", in which Sekhar has decided to both give and take "absolute truth."

At home his wife served him with a sullen face. He knew she was still angry with him for his remark of the morning. Two casualties for today, Sekhar said to himself. If I practice it for a week, I don't think I shall have a single friend left.

He received a call from the headmaster in his classroom the next day. He went up apprehensively.

"Your suggestion was useful. I have paid of the Music master. No one would tell me the truth about my music all these days. Why such antics at my age! Thank you. By the way, what about those test papers?"

"You gave me ten days, sir, for correcting them."

"Oh, I've reconsidered it. I must positively have them here tomorrow..." A hundred papers in a day! That meant all nighters sitting up!

Which of the following is an important theme in this passage?
A. Honesty is always the best policy.
B. Telling the truth will come with a price.*****
C. Life should be defined by truth or death.
D. Follow your heart, and the truth shall prevail.

2. Read the following passage from "The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband."

Mrs. Tall stayed in all the next day but went out alone after dark, unaware that though the lights in the gatehouse was out the Tailor's wife was watching her from the window. She Trailed her out of the gate and past two crossroads till Mrs. Tall stopped to knock softly on a gate. The Tailors wife ducked behind a telegraph pole and waited, holding her breath, as if to pounce on a rabbit when it popped out of its barrow.

The gate cracked open. An old woman lead out a child.

"All over, is it ?" She asked.

Mrs. Tall's answer was inaudible.

"He's had his supper and a sleep," The old woman said. "Take him home quickly now."

The Tailor's wife realize that this was the woman who minded their little boy. Her excitement die down as Mrs. Tall turned back to lead her son home. All was silence apart from the sound of their footsteps. The Tailor's wife stood motionless behind the telegraph pole till they had gone, then scurried home herself.

Which word BEST describes the Tailor's wife?
A. Eager
B. Judgmental
C. Meddlesome*****
D. Pesky

I think #1 is B and #2 is C . Can someone check my work and tell me if I'm wrong or not.

  1. Ms. Sue

    I agree with your answers.

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