Social Studies help ASAP!!!

posted by Haley

1. Which inference can best be made about the rule of the tsars?
a. Their power relied on the oppression of a large number of people
b. They maintained power through strong military leadership
c. Their rule threatened the more democratic ideals of Western Europe
d. They ruled only through the good will of wealthy nobles**

2. In what way did the Russians tsars fail to follow the example of Western European rules?

A. They instituted cultural reforms
B. They industrialized
C. They held onto absolute power**
D. They adopted more modern technologies

3. In what way did soviet rule fail to live up to communist theory ?
control was held by the all people**
control was held by few people
enough goods were made to sustain the country
people were happy with the change

4. Why did Russian workers most likely support the Bolshevik revolution?

a. They wanted to industrlize
b. They wanted to improve the quality of life
c.They admired Karl Marx***
d.They wanted a more western government

5. You are a Soviet historian. You must summarize the reasons for the collapse of the soviet union. Which of the following would not be factors that you would cite?
a.the failure of the war in Afghanistan
b.a low standard living for most Russians
c. excessive military spending
d. the success of collective farming****
**= not sure at all
***=pretty sure but not a 100%
****=90% but still need help!!1

  1. Haley

    ****= 90% *sure but still need help

  2. Ms. Sue

    1. d - no
    2. c - yes
    3. a - no
    4. c - no
    5. d - yes

  3. Haley

    1. c?
    4.a or b????

  4. Ms. Sue

    1. c? - no
    3.b? - yes
    4.a or b - which one?

  5. Haley

    1. Is b and 4 im going to pick ...b?

  6. Ms. Sue

    Yes, 4 is b.

    Please do not post these questions again. I've checked two of your guesses, and you're on your own now.

  7. Haley

    I made a 100 thx

  8. Ms. Sue

    Congrats! You're welcome.

  9. Αγαπι

    what are the answers?

  10. Winged Dragon Of Ra

    You are dead wrong. I took the quiz, 2/5! The real answers are this:
    1. A
    2. C
    3. B
    4. B
    5. D
    These are correct, I go to Conexus. And, stop cheating. You'll get in trouble -_-

  11. No Lie

    Winged Dragon Of Ra is right 100% and stop cheating

  12. Hal

    1. A
    2. C
    3. B
    4. B
    5. D


  13. Me

    Hal is 100% right

  14. Maddie

    Seriously, I go to connexus as well, and stop cheating. ask your learning coach for help.

  15. unreal

    hal is 100% right i got 5/5

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