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What do many political conflicts in South Asia have in common?

MY ANSWER: I think that they all have many problems with terroristic attacks, military enforcement, border control and personal freedoms. Many of the countries in South Asia have problems with controlling terroristic attacks on their people as well as their military forces. Many times military enforcements have violated people basic human rights and have also tried and sometimes very successfully overthrown the governments. Lastly, they have issues keeping foreign people off of their land. Many people immigrate or migrate because they do not have much control over who can go in and out of their borders. This allows many terrorist groups the opportunity to ease their way in.


  1. Writeacher


    You're making some sweeping generalizations about some very different countries, if the ones in these maps are the ones you're studying.
    Scroll down a bit and read about generalizations.

  2. Ms. Sue

    What do you consider South Asia? India and Pakistan are certainly in southern Asia. Their dispute is a boundary dispute caused by the split after they gained independence from Britain.

  3. Reed

    It's hard for us to critique something like this because we don't know what your text materials and your teacher have emphasized. I think what you say is, broadly, true. There may be other, more basic, problems that political conflicts in South Asia have in common, such as economic inequality. But if these points are what you have learned from your class, go with it!

  4. Reed

    And, Monica, Writeacher is quite right to point out that generalizations are dangerous. There are nuances in each conflict that are unique. Make sure you do not OVER-generalize.

  5. WOW

    Ok Reed thank you all very much. I'll make sure to watch that

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