posted by Helen L.

Can you proof read or correct my sentence?
Why does immigrant migrate even though we have a law as being illegal? There are various
reasons for illegal immigrant migrating such as seeking for job, for safe life and for quality of
life. Because of the unemployment, people tends to leave their country and move other countries
for other job opportunities. Mostly in the U.S. are known for having employment since many
immigrants been told that this is the promise land which is known the American Dream. The safe
life comparing to other countries which in U.S., we have democracy the other don’t have the
same privilege as we do. The quality life in U.S. people often portrayed as this country with
luxurious and economic opportunities that attracts the attentions of many immigrants.
“Permitting undocumented immigrants to gain legal status and citizenship would expand
economic growth. Granting citizenship to undocumented immigrants would create jobs and
increase tax revenues.” The illegal immigrant has beneficial for this society and I learn that how many facts on the illegal immigrants is favorable from this quote. Many describe as
disadvantageous based on their point of view instead of statistics.

  1. Ms. Sue

    Which sentence would you like us to correct?

  2. Helen L.

    Mostly all of them please

  3. Reed

    The best advice I can give you, at least, is to make your subjects and verbs agree. They don't. For example, one tends to do something while people tend to do something. Singular and plural forms must match. Another, different example of an error: "...move other countries..." makes no sense. People move TO other countries.

    I am assuming English is your second language. You're doing quite well, but need some polishing. We can't rewrite your essay for you, but you can by paying attention to the details.

  4. Reed

    Helen, to be a little clearer, I hope, you can't move a country. Canada, Mexico, France, etc. can't be moved. One can move TO Canada, Mexico, or France, but we can't move the country. Do you see the difference?

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