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Topic: Water Footprint.
City of New York 2011 rate of 7.64/100 cubic feet of water. Calculate the cost of each of the following based on this rate. Use the conversion factor of 7.48 gallons per cubic food.
A. A standard washing machine uses approximately 50 gallons of water per load. A household washes one load of laundry per week for 52 weeks. Find the total cost per year.
B. According to one study, the average American shower lasts for 8.2 minutes and uses 17.2 gallons. A person showered once a day for a year. Find the cost per year.

  1. Henry

    A. 50gal/Load * 52Loads = 2600 Gal. = 347.6 Ft^3.

    Cost = 347.6Ft^3 * 7.64/100 =

    B. (17.2/7.48)FT^3/day * 365days = 839.3 Ft^3.

    Cost = 839.3Ft^3 * 7.64/100Ft^3 =

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