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1. Which of these is an example of a capital resource

A. Workers
B.iron ore
C. Entrepreneurs
D. Computers

2. How does scarcity affect customers

A. Limited money forces consumers to make choices

B. Limited time prevents customers from making decisions

C. Limited numbers of producers force customers to be loyal

D. Limited wants and needs limits customers to small purchases

3. [ A fast food chain makes the decision to rebrand itself as a mid range adult café inside of a cheap kid friendly restaurant this change will involve using higher quality ingredients and renovating to remove children's playgrounds ]

What is the opportunity cost in the scenario above ?

A. One time expense of renovating restaurants

B. Ongoing expense of high-quality ingredients

C. Money that is expected to be provided by new adult customers

D. Money that could have been made from families with young children

Please help me I need the answers for Connexus Social Studies lesson 12 unit 5 economics basics unit test please helpppp

My answers : D,B,C

  1. Ms. Sue

    D, yes
    B, no
    C, no

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