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posted by Bonnie Key

Which of the following is a benefit of texting?

a)It is addictive.

b)It prevents crime.

c)It allows citizens to submit anonymous tips to the police.

d)You can text mean comments anonymously.

Thank you to anyone who helps me out! It is much appreciated!

  1. Writeacher

    VERY strange answer choices!

    a -- clearly wrong!
    b -- how would that be?
    c -- not much is anonymous when one is using a cell phone
    d -- too negative to be a benefit

    What do YOU THINK?

  2. Molly

    The answer is C (it allows citizens to submit anonymous tips to the police)

    What is netiquette?
    B. being polite and using good manners when in the cyber community.

    How are texting and instant messaging alike?
    A. They are forms of instant digital communication.

    How can netiquette help you communicate when texting or instant messaging?
    D. Using netiquette can help prevent misunderstandings.

    Which of the following is a benefit of texting?
    C. it allows citizens to submit anonymous tips to the police

    Which of the following is a risk associated with texting?
    B. It is easy to misunderstand text messages.

  3. hmmmmmmm?

    omg molly is right i got a 100

  4. Gabrielle

    thank you Molly.

  5. aswd at connexus

    molly is 100

  6. Wolf Girl Porn

    thx molly got a hundred

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