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Solve each equation by graphing the related function. If the equation has no real-number solution, write no solution.

NOTE: when I write + it has a minus on the bottom too


a. x= +7
b. x = +3.5
c. x= 0
d. no solution ***

a. +3
b. +1/3
c. 0 ***
d. no solution


a. x=+3
b. x=+4 ***
c. x=+2
d. no solution

Solve each equation by finding square roots. If the equation has no real-number solution, write no solution.

a. g=+1/2 ***
b. g=+1/3
c. g=+5/2
d. no solution

a. b=+1/4
b. b=+1/2
c. b=+1/8 ***
d. no solution

a. p=+14
b. p=+6
c. p=+12 ***
d. no solution

a. z=+3
b. z=+1/3
c. z=+9
d. no solution ***

Tell how many solutions this equation has
a. one solution ***
b. two solutions
c. no solution

a. one solution
b. two solutions ***
c. no solution

  1. Steve

    Some are ok. I have listed the errors below

    --> 4g^2=25
    your answer solves 4g^2=1

    --> 64b^2=16
    your answer solves 64b^2=1

    --> 5z^2-45=0
    5z^2 = 45
    z^2 = 9
    z = ±3

    --> h^2=-49
    see your solution to x^2+7=0

    --> s^2-35=-35
    s^2 = 0

    Are you trying to take shortcuts in your head? These are all pretty straightforward, if you just take the proper steps.

  2. a

    Which ones are okay?

  3. Steve

    duh - all the ones I didn't comment on.

  4. Baka


  5. bbbbbbbbb

    those are wrong

  6. bbbbbbbbb

    i got 2 out of 10

  7. alex

    baka is wrong

  8. Anonymous

    What is the answer

  9. Lyla

    The correct answers are

    100% I promise!

  10. anonymous

    thats right^

  11. i hate the school system, so i help you get through it as easy as possible

    baka is correct for arkansas connections academy solving quadratic equations practice, only wrong answer is 6, its b instead of c

  12. hbl28

    layla is right. i got a 100%

  13. Who knows

    Actually Baka is right besides 6. it's B instead of C.

  14. john

    Lyla is 100% correct for connections academy

  15. Rebecca

    Lyla is correct for me atleast

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