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I asked these questions yesterday and thanked whomever helping me before clicking the links. When the links were just google searches, however, they didn't help me seeing as I already did that. The google search calculator doesn't show all steps, and when I tried to plug my numbers in to try to do the problem myself, it never worked. So, real help would be nice :)

Find the lateral area of the square triangle. Show all steps.
Base: 8m
Height: 22m

Find the surface area of the cone. Use 3.14 for pi. Show all steps.

Diameter: 8in
Height: 7in

Find the volume of the cylinder. Use 3.14 for pi. Show all steps.

Diameter: 34m
Height: 27m


  1. Reiny

    First of all, since you switched your name to "Frustrated Further" I have no way of finding your previous post.
    Secondly, your first question asks for "the lateral area of the square triangle". This makes no sense.

    2nd question:
    The lateral surface area of a cone is πrs, where r is the radius and s is the slant height.
    s^2 = 4^2 + 7^2 = 65
    s = √65

    area = π(4)√65 inches^2 = .....

    Volume of cyliner = π r^2 h
    = π(17)^2 (27)
    = 7803π m^3

  2. Frustrated Further

    Thank you! My first one not making sense would explain my endless frustration, but it says.

    Find the lateral area of the square pyramid. Show all steps.

    The square triangle is laying on its side, with an 8m next to the square's base and another 8m on the inside next to the square's base. There is then a 22m pointing to the dotted line marking the middle up the triangle.

    I hope this makes sense?

  3. Reiny

    "The square triangle" ????

    So I conclude that you have a square pyramid , and you want the area of the 4 triangles.

    Let's look at one of them
    We know its base of 8m
    We need its height.

    This height is the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle formed from the height of the pyramid and the distance from the centre to the edge (4 m)

    so s^2 = 4^2 + 22^2 = 500
    s = √500

    so the area of the 4 triangles
    = 4 (1/2)base * height
    = 2(4)√500
    = 8 * √100 * √5
    = 80√5 m^2
    = ....

  4. Steve

    Hmm. When you say

    There is then a 22m pointing to the dotted line marking the middle up the triangle.

    it sounds like the triangle has a base of 8 and an altitude of 22. So, its area would be


  5. loco

    The area of the cone is:

    Here: r=4
    A=3.14*4*(4+sqrt(16+33))=3.14*4*11=132*3.14=414.48 inches squared

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