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Take a position that explains if, and to what degree, modern American culture is an outgrowth of the philosophies of the Founding Fathers.

I agree that American culture is an outgrowth of the philosphies of the founding fathers. I have one reason and that is redemptive violence. I need to more.

  1. Writeacher

    You need to do two things before you can even plan this essay or speech. If you just write "off the top of your head" you'll have a mess. This will take research and planning.

    First, read lots about the philosophies of the US's founding fathers:

    Then, list what YOU BELIEVE are aspects of "American culture" and for which time period (now? the early 1800s? the late 1800s? or when)

    Once you have all that, you'll be able to plan what you will write.

    (PS. I have no idea what "redemptive violence" is. If you continue with that, be sure to explain the concept thoroughly.)

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