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Well I cant find anything for social studies. No one ever wants to post them...


In what way did Beveridge think overseas expansion would help solve labor problems in the united states?
A: Expansion would bring new foreign markets for American goods, providing more jobs for workers.
B: Expansion would bring more immigration to the United States and a stronger labor force.
C: Expansion would provide the United states with access to overseas labor.
D: Expansion would create demand for excess American workers overseas.

I think its A, and itd be nice if I got the answer list for the whole thing (Connexus)

  1. Ms. Sue

    Yes, A.

    Asking for answers -- or supplying answers -- can get you banned from posting here.

    Please do not cheat!

  2. Sue

    what are the rest of the answers?

  3. Answer


    I know it's a lot of B's but it's all right.

  4. The right answers

    Thanks this really helped out to get correct answers.

  5. Hi

    Answer is right thanks so much

  6. Connexus User

    Answer is right I got 100%

  7. Thanks

    Thank you so much answer but if anyone has Unit 4: Imperialism and World War I lesson 9 Social Studies Unit Test answers for Connections academy please give them also thanks again answer you helped me so much

  8. Lisa

    Answers were wrong 9/12 75%

  9. Lisa

    It not unit 4 its unit 5. I will post the answers for the unit test but I can't not give you the answer for the essay short answer question.

  10. kid from connexus

    answer is right for connexus

  11. Helper

    Answer isn't right on my practice...

  12. Okay

    Answer was correct

  13. bb

    You know, you don't have to depend on other people's answers if they don't make sense on your tests. Think logically as well.

  14. ???

    "Answer" is right for connexus

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