Measurement Unit Test Unit 1 Lesson 13

posted by Hello

Can someone post the answer that goes to connections academy please?

  1. Ms. Sue

    Is this the way you think you become educated?

    You're banned from posting here.

  2. REKT

    hahahahaha it is homework help not help me cheat.

  3. Ms. Sue

    Good one, REKT!! :-)

  4. REKT

    are you like an admin here Ms.Sue?

  5. Ms. Sue

    Yes, I'm a volunteer tutor and admin for Jiskha.

  6. REKT

    Well you are the BEST!!!!! (:

  7. Ms. Sue

    Thank you!

  8. Daniel (REKT)

    Well I hope you have a good day Ms.Sue I need to go do my work now lol.

  9. Ms. Sue

    Thanks, and same to you, Daniel.

  10. Writeacher

    These cheaters never seem to learn, even when they're warned.

    Full moon tonight! Get ready!

  11. jake

    does any one know the answers for the unit 1 lesson 13 quize for cathalena ward

  12. Anonymous


  13. ...

    jake did you cheat when learning how to spell too

  14. DeEzHoEsArEsTaNkY

    He wasn't cheating retards. Maybe, he just didn't know what to do AT ALL. You didn't need to ban him, you could have just helped him out. You are a supposed "tutor" after all. Use common sense. "Ms. Sue" instead of jumping to conclusions.

  15. David

    True, I needed help one time and god forbid they kicked me for a while because I asked for help. They are kicking people because they can.

  16. LMAO


  17. stop

    i only get on this site if i need a question answered about a topic and no one is home i do not use this site to cheat .
    if i need some one to proof read then i might put my answer on the site to proof read.

  18. stop

    look y'all need to grow up learn how to spell
    and quit whining and crying because you got bad grade i have an f in math right now and i have worked my butt off trying to get me self out of this platue and not i have a C

  19. Anonymous

    I have straight As.... thats without cheating... I get on this site to help others..... so good luck Y'all

  20. |-/

    Ain't nobody care about your grades. Rest in peace, Hello, you will be missed.

  21. german

    Diese Lehrer und Tutoren stören sich ständig

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