Social studies

posted by Need help

Anyone Please help me cause i am out of ideas and i have no more ways to turn to help me get the answers to this test please i need this grade

I have unsupportive parents and ms sue i appreciate everything u do but dont answer if u arent going to goive me answers if anyone answers this i will be sure to give all the answers to everything i know right now in my unit.

  1. Need help

    The Name of the test Is reconstructive and economic growth unit 2 test please help!!!!

  2. Reed

    No tutor here will give you the answers to your test. If you have not studied, it's your own fault. If other students help you cheat, you can all be banned from Jiskha.

  3. Writeacher

    Reed is correct.

    Be sure to read everything here:
    This is your warning.

  4. Need help

    so you can either help and see if my answers are correct give me the answers or get the hell away from me. This is my nice way of saying it.

    And by the way this is your WARNING.

  5. REED be nicer

    I agree too she might be trying to be nice but she says things that are very disrespectful and at the end of the day should have took an approach like write teacher no diss to you reed but please try to not sound so disrespectfull

  6. CHILL out man

    OKAY Wooow reed dude be nicer man i can see why he took that the wrong way probably in your message it took a huge turn man try to not do that okay!!!!

  7. Insulting

    Reed you have no right to judge a person based on what they are asking for and you definitely should apologize cause i know this person and he is a cool dude and does everything on his own but he is in a hard time in his life right now and you should take it easy and let this one slide for him.

  8. I agree

    reed apologize man so they can put an end to this drama

  9. Jiskha owner

    Reed writer teacher if you guys do not stop this i will be forced to ban you all of the site!!!

    Reed is right if you aren't here for homework help keyword help then dont come here. In the next week i will be on this site making some changes so this drama can stop and work can be done and for need help i understand but here is not the place for this now take my warning seriously and none of you answer in this chat ever again!!!!!!!!

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