Social studies

posted by Anonymous

Does anyone have answers to the lesson 8 unit 2 test? Please respond I am struggling

  1. Ms. Sue


    Cheaters are banned from posting here.

  2. Miss H

    Good job Miss Sue!

  3. jake

    did u ever do it?

  4. Teacher

    All the answers are in the text book, read it

  5. kayla

    acually teacher no they are not there are some on here that are really hard to answer so dont be rude or a b*tch because news flash no ones perfect it is really hard to do somethings so thank you very much and go read a text book or something

  6. Lucas

    Oh, f&%! you, kayla.

  7. unknown

    why is there so much drama. but i agree with kayla. teacher go suck a d

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